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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

We aim to highlight Veterans and Military Spouses who are making a difference and continuing to serve.

Episode 21-51

Discover Your Aha!

Using a personalized approach, I help my clients discover their value, strengths, and passions as well as work through obstacles to achieve their ideal career to discover their career home. I provide one on one and group career counseling for those that want to achieve more in their career while reducing the stress of the constant pendulum swing between loving and leaving work. My focus is to support you on your career journey whether it’s to map out steps to a potential promotion, find a new career path, communicate better with your supervisor and team, or to be happier and more fulfilled in your career. It’s all possible!

Judy Horton

Robyn Grable

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Bob Louthan

US Army Reserve veteran
Accidental Investment Banker
Podcast Host

Ep. 21-50

Sharee Ashford

US Army veteran
Bunker Labs grad

Ep. 21-49

Danelle Barrett

US Navy Rear Admiral (ret.)

Ep. 21-48

Nikki James Zellner

Military Spouse
Content Strategist

Ep. 21-47

Koby Langley

US Army veteran
Bronze Star recipient
SVP International Services and Service to the Armed Forces

Ep. 21-46

Brian Reese

US Air Force Academy graduate
US Air Force Veteran

Ep. 21-45

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Judy Horton
Discover Your Aha!

Ep. 21-51

Coaching, Career Counseling and Strategy, Assessments & Training - Have the career you were meant to have!

Bob Louthan

Ep. 21-50

We provide benefits for members, including access to a nationwide network of vendor discounts to save you money every day.

Sharee Ashford
Mosquito Squad

Ep. 21-49


Danelle Barrett
Danelle Barrett – Rock the Boat

Ep. 21-48

Navigate uncharted waters with visionary and inspirational leadership

Nikki James Zellner
Where Content Connects

Ep. 21-47

Content Strategist - when you need to know what your story is.

Koby Langley
American Red Cross

Ep. 21-46

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Learn ways to be prepared and stay safe. Be Red Cross Ready.

Brian Reese
VA Claims Insider

Ep. 21-45

We Help Veterans Get the VA Disability Rating They DESERVE in LESS Time.

Mike Nolan
SalesForce / VetForce

Ep. 21-44

Join Salesforce Military to start free tech training today.

Sara Van Ells
Hustle Trucks

Ep. 21-43

Hustle Trucks go anywhere a car can go, and fit into regular parking spots.

Raleigh Wilkins
Sales Platoon

Ep. 21-42

Transforming High-Potential Military Veterans into High-Performing Sales Leaders.

Bill Koch
Still Serving Veterans

Ep. 21-41

We serve Veterans, transitioning military service members, members of the National Guard & Reserves and military spouses at no cost.

Annette Whittenberger
A Wild Ride Called Life

Ep. 21-40

A Wild Ride Called Life, LLC in which I share my story in order to save lives and help others know that they are not alone.

Jennifer Gibbs
Operation Foxhole

Ep. 21-39

We are standing by to assist you with knowledge, strength, and encouragement every step of the way.

John Hawley
JWH Enterprise LLC

Ep. 21-38

A series of interactive exercises and team thinking challenges enhance meaningful collaboration and improve the camaraderie of the team.

Bruce Evans
Bruce Evans

Ep. 21-37

Servant Leader who knows the value of sharing experiences can help others.

Amy Gould
Amy Gould & Co.

Ep. 21-36

Helps entrepreneurs save time, reduce stress by creating streamlined processes and automations.

Michael Fleming, BG (ret.)

Ep. 21-35

Centerstone provides its services nationally through the operation of outpatient clinics, residential programs, the use of telehealth and an inpatient hospital.

Monica Fullerton

Ep. 21-34

A place for military and first-responder families to share their creative sides with the world.

Annie S. Brock
Leader Transition Institute (LTI)

Ep. 21-33

We are a veteran-led 501(c)(3) organization supporting Federal and State Government customers in both CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Mark Riegel
FroDo Baking Company

Ep. 21-32

FroDo Baking Company is a national manufacturer and distributor of frozen dough products, as well as other baked goods, to leading retailers.

Dr. Kendra Lowe
Thrive On, LLC

Ep. 21-31

Cultivating Social and emotional health within military families.

Carla Criste
Carla Criste

Ep. 21-30

Patriot League Team Championships and Coach of the Year titles.

Noel McCall
Patriots Path

Ep. 21-29

A 5-Part Career Support Course for Veterans

Melody Gratic
XcelMil, LLC

Ep. 21-28

We Empower People & Teams to EXCEL

Brooke Jackson Kahn
She’s the Veteran

Ep. 21-27

This community will focus on the female veterans issues most overlooked. 

Bob McLaughlin
Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Ep. 21-26

Support troops in transition and their families with wellness programs.

Broderick Neel-Feller

Ep. 21-25

Connecting local bars and restaurants with local musicians and promoting their shows.

Beth Fynbo
The Busy Baby Mat

Ep. 21-24

Busy Baby LLC is a small, veteran-owned & family-owned business in Minnesota.

Bill Militello

Ep. 21-23

Our mission is to help the underrepresented and underserved communities which includes Veterans, Service Academy Graduates and Military Spouses find a better way to seek funding and form relationships with potential investors.

Zack A. Knight
Tactical Leader

Ep. 21-22

Being tactical is all about developing the art or skill to accomplish an end.

Jordan Foley
Chow Corp.

Ep. 21-21

Chow is a dedicated community builder. Through our range of services, we are the “go-to” for veterans and military spouses seeking to enhance their culinary talents.

Christina Hageny
Valor Payroll Solutions

Ep. 21-20

Valor Payroll Solutions….accurate, dependable, simple. What else is there? We’ll handle your payroll, you handle your customers.

Mark George
Heroes Helping Heroes 4 Life

Ep. 21-19

H3‌ ‌Heroes‌ ‌Helping‌ ‌Heroes‌‌ 4Life ‌‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌grassroots‌ ‌‌Social‌ ‌Enterprise‌‌ ‌‌(501(c)3‌ ‌#83-3012642)‌ ‌that‌ ‌helps‌ ‌Veterans‌ ‌and‌ ‌1st‌ ‌Responders‌ ‌with‌ ‌Behavioral‌ ‌Health,‌ ‌Suicide‌ ‌Prevention,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Homelessness.‌

Alex Cummings

Ep. 21-18

Save Time. Save Money. The FlowPath platform creates efficiencies across operations to save businesses time and money.

Carla Bond

Ep. 21-17

UpSkill VR understands how critical it is to have the knowledge and confidence to respond during an emergency, when every second counts.

Rachel Willis

Ep. 21-16

Outpatch was founded on the premise that the people most capable of addressing issues affecting communities are the people living in them.

Jason Cavness

Ep. 21-15

At CavnessHR, our goal is to help small business owners save both time and money. We offer different solutions based on the number of workers.

KC Chhipwadia
Athlete Foundry

Ep. 21-14

Outdated processes, old thinking, and human made obstacles that prevent all middle school and high school student athletes from taking charge of their dreams to play in college while preparing for life after sports.

Parminder Jassal

Ep. 21-13

Unmudl is powered by community colleges to connect learners to jobs. A working learner is an individual who is able to combine their learning and training with their job and career.

Michelle Pryor
Hiking Bingo

Ep. 21-12

Hiking Bingo’s mission is to inspire kids – and kids at heart – to explore the outdoors! The Hiking Bingo app combines two fun activities to help inspire kids to explore the outdoors.

Robert White
Sound Sustainability

Ep. 21-11

Sound Sustainability is a Seattle-based medical device startup founded by a hearing-impaired Army veteran. With over 466 million people worldwide who have disabling hearing loss, we are on a mission to help you hear your world!

Mike Sarraille
The Everyday Warrior

Ep. 21-10

The Everyday Warrior’s Mission – A human’s guide to optimal performance and living a life of impact and achievement for as long as possible – one day at a time.

Jaime Chapman
Jaime Chapman

Ep. 21-09

We work tirelessly to provide employers the tools and strategies required to attract milspouse talent.

Tammie Jo Shults
Tammie Jo Shults

Ep. 21-08

After the military, Tammie became a pilot for Southwest Airlines. She recently retired. Wrote a book about her experience and her “Nerves of Steel”.

Dr. Andy Gold
Hillsborough Community College – STRIVE

Ep. 21-07

The STRIVE program is an entrepreneurship training program offered through Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), in partnership with Hillsborough Community College.

Matthew J. Louis
Mission Transition follow up

Ep. 21-06

Mission Transition is a practical guide for veterans in career transition, their families, and prospective employers.

Kenneth Miller
USO PathFinder

Ep. 21-05

The USO Pathfinder Transition Program works with strategic partners to connect service members and military spouses to resources through a holistic approach.

April Mitchell
4A’s Creations

Ep. 21-04

April is a military spouse, mom of 4, inventor, and life-long learner.

Paul Cevolani
VETS Beyond the Uniform

Ep. 21-03

VETS – Beyond the Uniform’s mission is to build upon the veteran’s military skills and the skills taught by military transition programs.

Keith Wilson
Soldier For Life (SFL)

Ep. 21-02

Soldier For Life engages and connects Army, government, and non-government organizations in order to influence policies, programs, and services that support Soldiers, Veterans, and Families.

Monica Iannacone
Weekend Navigators

Ep. 21-01

Weekend Navigators is a travel agency based in Tampa, Florida specializing in destination weddings and honeymoons.

Cassondra Preer Taylor
Taylored 2 CODE

Ep. 20-65

Taylored 2 CODE® is revolutionizing how Veterans reinvent themselves in the tech industry. Taylored 2 CODE® aims to bring hands-on experience with a dash of fun.

Lacey Langford
Lacey Langford – The Military Money Expert

Ep. 20-64

Lacey is a US Air Force veteran, military spouse, speaker, and a financial coach who changes people’s lives from being fearful of money to having control and confidence with it.

Patrick E. Alcorn
Veterans Business Outreach Center

Ep. 20-63

UTAVBOC provides collaborative, hands-on, interactive learning opportunities including classroom instruction and opportunities to work with experienced coaches and mentors, attend workshops, and develop connections.

Beau Higgins
Amazon Military

Ep. 20-62

We’re continuously welcoming veterans and their family members as we grow, offering the flexibility of full and part-time positions and more.

Chelsea Mandello

Ep. 20-61

Troopster is a 501(c)3 cause-driven organization founded to support the Armed Forces community, deployed service members, military spouses and families with a resource to send/receive personalized care packages.

Stephanie Keisel

Ep. 20-60

zero8hundred provides services for those that want to prepare for civilian career options, and for those who are ready to find an employer. ​

Tom Luscher
Tom Luscher, US Navy RADM (ret.)

Ep. 20-59

A retired US Navy Rear Admiral with over 30 years of service. Today, Tom helps nonprofit organizations grow their revenues and impact sustainably. He is committed to use the expertise he’s gained to serve his community.

David Jordan
Patriot Sandwich Company

Ep. 20-58

Our goal is to provide a sense of community and also to honor our service members of the community locally and abroad.

Corban Lundborg
COLD Studio

Ep. 20-57

Corban's mission is to build, teach and inspire a generation through the arts, preaching value and vision.

Sean Casey
Comcast NBC Universal

Ep. 20-56

We continue to uphold our longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion, and keeping people connected to what matters most.

Jason Van Camp
Warrior Rising

Ep. 20-55

Warrior Rising empowers U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow American veterans, and earn their future.

Kimberly Citizen
Applied Development, LLC

Ep. 20-54

Applied Development champions the rights of people of all abilities to work and communicate effectively through sign language interpretation, reader services, advocacy, and outreach.

Mario Blandini
Operation Comeback

Ep. 20-53

Resolve Networks was founded by a U.S. Marine Corps and Silicon Valley veteran in February 2018 on the belief that people, intrinsically, desire to do good and make a difference in the world.

Will Huff
Soldiers to Sidelines

Ep. 20-52

We believe that our veterans & service members can have a meaningful and lasting impact on others through athletics.

Darrell Terry
Surve / Ceason Your Soul

Ep. 20-51

Surve is a Covid Friendly service designed to help the global restaurant industry and their patrons. Surve is in the early-stage development and plans to launch in 2021.

Wilson Bautista
Jun Cyber

Ep. 20-50

JunCyber, LLC, a minority, disabled-vet owned company leverages demonstrated success, and innovative approaches to solve your cybersecurity challenges.

Gretchen Evans
Command Sergeant Major (ret) Gretchen Evans

Ep. 20-49

Gretchen went into the Army at 19 originally to serve 4 years and receive educational benefits. But what she found was her place.

Jordana Megonigal
The RECON Network

Ep. 20-48

The RECON Network provides purpose-based training, tools and resources for veterans in career transition.

Mark Hodder
Veterans Business Network

Ep. 20-47

Veterans Business Network-find and connect with veteran owned businesses in our veteran business directory.

Chaunte Hall
Centurion Military Alliance & Victory Trades Alliance

Ep. 20-46

Founded in May 2013 to empower you and your family’s successful transition from military service.

Mary Jo (MJ) Sweeney
Mary Jo (MJ) Sweeney

Ep. 20-45

MJ is a retired US Navy Captain with more than 26 years of service. She was in the Pentagon on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001.

Charlie Hall
Upstate Warrior Solution

Ep. 20-44

The Upstate Warrior Solution mission is to CONNECT warriors and their family members to resources and opportunities.

Mallory Rugg
Sweet Beans Coffee Bar

Ep. 20-43

Sweet Beans LLC is a women and veteran owned business that specializes in coffee drinks, baked goods, brunch items as well as selling local craft beer from a self-pour beer wall.

MO Reeder
V School

Ep. 20-42

V School is dedicated to eliminating barriers for talented people that want to join the tech-o-sphere.

Angela Cody-Rouget
Major Organizers

Ep. 20-41

At Major Organizers, our skilled and experienced professional organizers are passionate about converting your cluttered home or office space into a workable solution.

Eric Golnick
Veteran and First Responder (VFR) Healthcare

Ep. 20-40

We know that service to country and community has an effect not only on the person serving but every aspect of their life.

John Vogt
PenFed Foundation VEIP

Ep. 20-39

Bringing people & resources together from across the country to create an access to capital ecosystem, where military service is the most reliable pathway to successful entrepreneurship

Hugo Lentze
Travis Manion Foundation

Ep. 20-38

On April 29, 2007, experienced Iraq war veteran from the 1st Recon Battalion, 1stLt Travis Manion, and his fellow Marines were ambushed while searching a suspected insurgent house in the Al Anbar province of Iraq.

Mark Mhley
Re4ormed, LLC

Ep. 20-37

Re4ormed, LLC is a service-disabled veteran-owned business based in Annapolis, Maryland that serves the ecosystem of veteran-owned and military-spouse-owned businesses.

Mark Holyfield
Vantage Point Foundation

Ep. 20-36

There are over 190,000 post 9/11 veterans transitioning into civilian life each year — a transition that affects almost every dimension in their lives: work, family, social, school, and community.

Jerry Pilewski
Mission Focal Point

Ep. 20-35

Based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, we serve as trusted advisors to motivated owners and executives, helping to maximize the resources of time, team, profit and strategic plans.

James Simpson
Pike Corporation

Ep. 20-34

Pike is a leading, integrated provider of construction, repair and engineering services for distribution and transmission powerlines and substations, with a growing portfolio of turnkey and renewable projects.

David Rambhajan
David Rambhajan / Industria Construction

Ep. 20-33

Industria Construction Services is a Professional Construction Services firm.

Andrew Hayes
MRP Training Solutions, Inc.

Ep. 20-32

MRP Training Solutions Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that specializes in delivering efficient, cost-effective, and repeatable training solutions and engineering support.

Jaden Risner
Family Proud

Ep. 20-31

Our family is a proud and motivated group of individuals who truly understand and care about the families we support.

Gordon Sumner
Veterans Moving Forward

Ep. 20-30

Veterans Moving Forward Inc. is a nonprofit organization that raises, trains and provides certified service dogs and canine therapy services for veterans.

Dean Wegner
Authentically American

Ep. 20-29

In 2017, Dean Wegner created Authentically American® to help bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

Matthew J Louis
Matthew J Louis – Mission Transition

Ep. 20-28

Matt Louis is one of the nation’s leading experts in career transition for veterans and public service professionals.

Craig Washburn
VTC Veteran Tax Credits

Ep. 20-27

VTC is a Veteran owned business that is helping to bridge the gap between Veterans and employers.

Nathan Salazar
Knowledge, Wisdom, Training (KWT)

Ep. 20-26

KWT provides online training in an innovative way, combining everything you love about classroom learning.

Dr. Michael Barbera
Clicksuasion Labs

Ep. 20-25

Clicksuasion Labs is a team of researchers who apply psychology, persuasion and decision-science to marketing, sales and communication.

Melissa St. Clair
Paper Chaser Biz, LLC

Ep. 20-24

Paper Chaser Biz LLC handles small business back-office tasks such as client communications, internet research, project management and assistance, and more, remotely.

Jennifer Vollbrecht
J Vollbrecht Consulting

Ep. 20-23

Project Management Consulting. Leveraging over 15 years in the Defense and Energy Industry, building and directing project teams through successful completion, with a focus on  integrity, safety, quality and respect.

John Boerstler
Combined Arms

Ep. 20-22

Combined Arms is a forward-thinking nonprofit that is committed to unleashing the impact of veterans on Houston.

John Hawley
JWH Enterprise, LLC

Ep. 20-21

John Hawley is a design thinking facilitator who focuses on team-building, process improvement, and strategy.

Lisa Hiering
Side by Side Solutions, LLC

Ep. 20-20

Side By Side Solutions, LLC works to empower Veterans to navigate the complex Social Security Disability process.

Melissa A. Washington
Women Veterans Alliance

Ep. 20-19

We are the premier network focused on directly impacting the quality of life of women veterans.

Ty Smith
Vigilance Risk Solutions

Ep. 20-18

At Vigilance Risk Solutions (VRS), we are a trusted team of security leaders committed to mitigating workplace violence through custom solutions that empower and increase awareness.

Blake Hogan
Bunker Labs

Ep. 20-17

Bunker Labs – a 501(c)(3) non-profit – is a national network of veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs dedicated to helping the military connected community start their own business.

Michelle Mosey
With You With Me (WYWM)

Ep. 20-16

WYWM is providing US Military Veterans free transition, training and support to start a career in technology post military service.

Bruce Floersheim
Fitt Scientific

Ep. 20-15

FITT Scientific LLC is a service-disabled, veteran-owned, small business that offers professional and engineering technical services in the areas of general engineering, logistics support, training & education and robotics.

Nick Ripplinger
Battle Sight Technologies, LLC

Ep. 20-14

In a combat situation, when seconds seem like hours, danger lies not in what you can see, but in what you can’t.

Pam Winholtz
Dare 2 Dream Bigger

Ep. 20-13

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step to making a change and creating a life you love while learning new tools to love the life you are living.

Priscilla Schrubb
Popcorn Friday

Ep. 20-12

Dan, originally from NE Texas, retired from the Marine Corps at the beginning of 2015, after 20 years of faithful service as a Combat Camera Marine.

Lisa Parmeter
Call Sign Coffee

Ep. 20-11

Service Disabled Combat Veteran and Military Spouse owned and operated.

Phyllis Wilson
Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Ep. 20-10

The Women In Military Service For America Memorial (Women’s Memorial) is the only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America throughout history.

Ed Brady
Home Builders Institute (HBI)

Ep. 20-09

HBI’s training programs are national in scope but implemented locally, using proven models that can be customized to meet the workforce needs of communities across the United States and internationally.

George Bernhloehr
Booz Allen Hamilton

Ep. 20-08

In the military, service and support go hand in hand. At Booz Allen, we share those values.

Terri Spahr Nelson
Sugati Publications

Ep. 20-07

Sugati Publications is an independent publisher and woman-veteran owned small business–a division of Sugati LLC.

Vernon Green, Jr.
GCubed, Inc.

Ep. 20-06

Keeping people and business securely connected by incorporating innovative technology, exemplary customer service, and empowering an organization’s greatest asset – its workforce.

Joe Molina
Veterans Chamber of Commerce San Diego

Ep. 20-05

​We establish strong bonds of collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations who have a passion for supporting and empowering veterans and their families.

Kirby Ingles
Kirby Ingles

Ep. 20-04

Kirby Ingles is a qualified professional that works with young professionals and emerging leaders.

Michele Ladd
Michele Ladd

Ep. 20-03

Heroes Home Advantage As a way of saying “Thank You” to America’s HEROES for their services to our country and communities.

Patriot Boot Camp
Patriot Boot Camp

Ep. 20-02

Patriot Boot Camp is a 501c nonprofit on a mission to assemble and activate an inclusive community that advances veterans and military spouses in their mission to become creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs leading the new economy.

Ep. 20-01 provides unique insights to help the military community and employers.

Blue Star Families
Blue Star Families

Ep. 19-33

The families of our all-volunteer military make unprecedented sacrifices these days to serve our country.


Ep. 19-32

After more than 200 years of innovation, DuPont is entering a new era of discovery.

DeMario McIlwain

Ep. 19-31

Discover your people’s top values & winning skills in minutes vs. hours!

Dr. Kim Bynum
Dr. Kim Bynum

Ep. 19-30

When the stakes couldn’t be higher and when organizational dysfunction is literally grinding your business to a halt, it takes a seasoned conflict resolution specialist to redirect your route and chart a new course for your team.

Laura Renner
Freedom Makers

Ep. 19-29

Laura Renner, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, founded Freedom Makers out of a passion to help small business owners and military families.

Sharon Olbeter
Psyched For Success Academy

Ep. 19-28

I served about 11 years on active duty, first enlisted as a medical laboratory technician and then as a civil engineering office before I separated from the Regular Air Force.

Deb Fortin
Submarine Way

Ep. 19-27

Born out of Deb’s passion for inclusion and the prevention of bullying and harassment in all forms, The Submarine Way is the next generation of its parent company.

Liberty Source
Liberty Source

Ep. 19-26

At Liberty Source, we believe there is a better way to deliver quality business process services.

Jessica Harris
K9 Salute

Ep. 19-25

K9 Salute was founded in 2016 by Jessica Harris as a way to honor and remember our nation’s K-9 heroes.

At Ease Owners
At Ease Rentals

Ep. 19-22

Fed up with options that don’t work for our military family, we created a better way, AT EASE!

BI Sims

Ep. 19-21

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for defense and civilian organizations.

Chris Cortez

Ep. 19-20

Chris leads the Microsoft’s engagement with veterans and military families as part of its focus on inspiring and developing former service members for roles in the IT industry.

Oscar Montes
Magellan Federal

Ep. 19-19

In this episode we speak with Oscar Montes, CEO of Magellan Federal Group.

Nick Schacht
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Ep. 19-18

In this episode we speak with Nick Schacht; we discuss the SHRM mission and how they help Veterans find meaningful careers as well as Nick’s work with Veterans and military spouses.

Staci Redmon
Strategy & Management Services, Inc.

Ep. 19-17

In this episode we interview Staci Redmon, the CEO of SAMS, Inc., one of the fastest growing Veteran and woman-owned businesses in the U.S.

Sean Pasmore
Perfect Technician Academy

Ep. 19-16

In this episode we speak with Sean Pasmore, whose passion is to coach transition Veterans and military spouses into great careers.

Gena Pertle
Cisco – Talent Acquisition

Ep. 19-15

In this episode we speak with Gena Pertle, and how her company is helping Veterans find meaningful careers with Cisco.

Jai Salters
Act NOW Education

Ep. 19-14

In this episode we speak with Jai Salters, serving as an Active Duty Navy Lieutenant and has earned several awards and certifications during his time in the Navy.

Les Davis
Davis Investment Strategies

Ep. 19-13

In this episode we speak with Les Davis, the founder of Davis Investment Strategies and the host of Military Veteran Radio.

Dr. Vivian Greentree

Ep. 19-12

In this episode we talk with Dr. Vivian Greentree, with nearly 2 decades of leadership experience and is dedicated to creating powerful spaces for people to thrive.

Andrea Francen and Brian Hoops
U.S. Bank

Ep. 19-11

In this 9/11 anniversary episode, we are honored to interview two members of US Bank, Andrea Francen and Brian Hoops.

Hal Westmoreland
Professional Network Connections

Ep. 19-10

In this interview, we talk with Hal Westmoreland, an Army Veteran and founder of Professional Network Connections.

Nick Black

Ep. 19-09

In this episode we interview Nick Black, the founder and CEO of GoodUnited, which helps nonprofits connect with donors.

Michael Livingston
Wounded Warrior Project

Ep. 19-08

In this episode we interview Michael Livingston, bringing 35+ years of military and leadership experience to WWP.

Mike Schindler
Operation Military Family Cares

Ep. 19-07

In this episode we interview Mike Schindler, Founder and CEO as well as a Navy Veteran.

Col. John Buckley
Koch Industries

Ep. 19-06

This episode we interview Col. John Buckley, who has built a career on critical and creative thinking supported by agile thinking.

John Tansill
FDM Group

Ep. 19-05

In this episode we interview John Tansill, head of Veteran Initiatives and recruits Veterans into the FDM Careers Program.

Michelle McMannon
Operation New Uniform

Ep. 19-04

In this episode, we interview Michelle McMannon (co-founder) and Shareta Jacobs (recent graduate of ONU).

Curtez Riggs
Military Influencer Conference

Ep. 19-03

In this episode we’re joined by Curtez Riggs, creator of the Military Influencer Conference.