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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-31

Thrive On, LLC

Experienced School Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry to include military populations. Research focused on cultivating social and emotional health within military families. Skilled in Psychometric Evaluation, Research, Curriculum Development, Data Analysis, and Statistics.

Dr. Kendra Lowe

Robyn Grable

Thrive On, LLC

Dr. Kendra Lowe, MSC, Ed.S., Ed.D., NCSP, LSSP

My path walked as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, an active duty service member, and now as a military spouse has given me a front row seat to some of the traumas, setbacks, successes, discrimination and celebrations that military families experience. The common bond of this lifestyle and its unique challenges has resulted in what Sheryl Sandberg, author of Option B, has coined as a “collective resilience.” Or, a way of life that allows a military spouse to come to grips with the adversities they face and keep moving forward. The more military spouses I met, the more I noticed a cycle of acceptance, resetting, and perseverance that this unique lifestyle calls a military spouse to manage.


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