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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-24

The Busy Baby Mat

The first-ever placemat to keep baby's toys in place! The Busy Baby Mat & Tether System ends the 'toddler toss' and saves backs by keeping toys attached to a silicone mat. No more bending over. No more gross germs. It's portable, versatile, and safe!

Beth Fynbo

Robyn Grable

In our nearly 40 years together on this planet, we’ve done a lot of crazy stuff together as brother and sister.  From adventure races in our home state of Minnesota, to a deployment to Kuwait and Iraq during our time in the Army, we’ve always supported and encouraged one another.  Now that we both have our own families (Beth has two kids and Eric has four) we are thrilled to be working together to run Busy Baby and help make life a little easier for Busy Parents everywhere!

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