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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-41

Still Serving Veterans

Still Serving Veterans is here to help Veterans get hired, access their benefits and get connected with the resources they need to build meaningful lives after military service. We serve Veterans, transitioning military service members, members of the National Guard & Reserves and military spouses at no cost.

Bill Koch

Robyn Grable

Still Serving Veterans

To serve and honor Veterans and their families by empowering them to build meaningful lives through connections to fulfilling careers, benefits and services; and to proactively strengthen Veteran communities through leadership and collaboration.

Still Serving Veterans offers a variety of services dedicated to helping Veterans and their families locate meaningful employment, access the VA benefits they’ve earned, and get connected to the community resources they need.

We never charge a fee for any service provided to the Veterans, their families, or employers. Our counselors are also Veterans who understand the unique needs of every Veteran we serve and stand ready to assist all Veterans, transitioning military service members, members of the National Guard & Reserves, and military spouses. They are Veterans helping Veterans with an individually tailored, relationship-based counseling approach.


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