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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-42

Sales Platoon

Our goal is singular and our focus, exact. Our organization serves as a critical bridge between the civilian world and the military community - providing an ever-green source of high-quality, high-potential, certified pre-onboarded sales reps to qualified companies while providing a transformational experience for the service member who desires a career in business development.

Raleigh Wilkins

Robyn Grable

Sales Platoon

A veteran-owned, veteran-focused sales training organization that transforms and transitions active duty military and veterans from high-potential recruits into high-performing sales executives. Our rigorous 14-week apprenticeship takes a 360 approach to the service member – providing a transformation experience and producing and placing certified pre-onboarded sales reps into high-growth, visionary sales organizations. The selection process for our recruits is as demanding as our requirements for the qualification of the organizations that we work with. Our training is rigorous and our standards, exacting. Not every recruit will become a graduate and not every company will meet our stringent qualifications.

Raleigh is the founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Sales Platoon, Wheeler-Wilkins, and Ground Truth Sales System, and draws from his experiences as a U.S. Marine, executive business leader, sales professional, and entrepreneur to help organizations build sales teams and achieve new levels of success.


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