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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-29

Patriots Path

Patriots Path is a non-profit organization that supports veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses in finding meaningful employment opportunities by defining career goals, mapping out job search strategies, identifying opportunities, creating a marketing approach and connecting within our community to peers, mentors and coaches for continued networking and support.

Noel McCall

Robyn Grable

Patriots Path

Founded in 2013, Patriots Path is the region’s first non-profit career coaching and job search training program created specifically to support the unique needs of military personnel in transition to civilian careers. Developed and taught by career coaches and executive recruiters who understand the complexities of the civilian hiring process, the Patriots Path course empowers and encourages veterans in translating their experiences while navigating the complex civilian landscape of networking, elevator pitches and interviewing.

For anyone new to the job search process, the most important first step is evaluating what career options are of real interest and hold true potential for the job seeker. Our program is unique in that we don’t just connect our students with job opportunities but rather support them first in discovering how their military experience can translate to the civilian workforce in the most rewarding way. Starting our class with a specialized personality/interest assessment brings focus to who these service men and women are as individuals and what positions could lead to lifetime careers, not just “a job with a paycheck.” This more personalized approach, also reflected in our one-on-one mentoring with local HR professionals and business executives, is what makes Patriots Path special.


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