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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-26

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Our Mission: To provide best practices for our military, veterans, and their families through accessible programs, integrated resources, and collaborative partnerships that empower lives and strengthen our community.

Bob McLaughlin

Robyn Grable

About Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center:

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center provides transition and employment assistance, behavioral health and wellness, supportive services, connection to community resources, and safe event space for veterans, military members and their families. Mt. Carmel was a dream of Mr. Jay Cimino and his strong desire to support our veteran community in meaningful ways.

The Transition and Employment team directly assists transitioning service members, veterans of all eras, and their family members in gaining meaningful employment, emphasized support for military spouses. The team collaborates with employers, military installations, and community partners to ensure success.

Mt. Carmel also provides a safe, multi-functional space to support groups and our partners. We collaborate with dozens of community partners to ensure success for our clients.


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