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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-51

Discover Your Aha!

Using a personalized approach, I help my clients discover their value, strengths, and passions as well as work through obstacles to achieve their ideal career to discover their career home. I provide one on one and group career counseling for those that want to achieve more in their career while reducing the stress of the constant pendulum swing between loving and leaving work. My focus is to support you on your career journey whether it’s to map out steps to a potential promotion, find a new career path, communicate better with your supervisor and team, or to be happier and more fulfilled in your career. It’s all possible!

Judy Horton

Robyn Grable

Discover Your Aha!

πŸ’‘ Career Counseling – Need help navigating a career change, aligning yourself for a promotion, dealing with challenging situations? I can help.

πŸ’‘ Veteran Career Advocate – I understand the challenges a Veteran faces as they transition and even the ongoing cultural challenges a Veteran faces in their civilian career. I help with skill translation, resume and LinkedIn refinement, interview prep/mock interviews, as well as assistance in salary negotiation.

πŸ’‘ 360 Degree Assessments – Need clear feedback from your team or for a team member? I utilize Center for Creative Leadership’s various assessment tools to obtain anonymous feedback to create actionable next steps. I am a certified Practitioner.

πŸ’‘ HBDI Thinking Preference Assessments – Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator is a wonderful tool to better understand your own natural thinking preferences and how that plays into your daily interactions. I am a certified Practitioner.

πŸ’‘ Veteran Advocacy – I can help you design a program to hire and retain Military Veterans at your company. Be a Veteran employer in action not just in words.

πŸ’‘ Training and Workshop Facilitation – I tap into the training I’ve conducted over the years as well as HBDI assessments to help foster team-building, problem-solving, and improve communication.

πŸ’‘ Human Resource Consulting – Focus on assisting small businesses; with a focus on country clubs.

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