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Veterans ASCEND Podcast

Episode 21-48

Danelle Barrett – Rock the Boat

The hallmarks of great leaders are their vision, tenacity, integrity, and thoughtful mentorship of others. Barrett imparts her experience through practical advice for leaders in any industry and the best examples she’s learned from the remarkable leaders she’s served with in the Navy.

Danelle Barrett

Robyn Grable

Danelle Barrett – Rock the Boat

Retired Rear Admiral, Danelle Barrett served over 30 years in the US Navy. Over those years, Danelle witnessed dramatic change in the Navy regarding women and their roles in leadership and operational assignments.

Growing up in a household with three brothers, she learned to hold her own. She also learned fast to be ready and stand up for herself – traits that helped tremendously when she joined the male-dominated Navy.

Throughout Danelle’s Navy career she was adamant from day one about not being known as a “female officer” rather just an officer. The same holds true in the civilian community, as a business owner or in leadership.


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