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Numly™ Partners With Veterans ASCEND to Launch a Peer Coaching Network to Upskill and Reskill Military Veterans for Jobs

Numly Brings Out the Best in People with Peer Coaching on Critical Skills, to accelerate employee engagement, performance, and growth.

September 30, 2021 / -- Numly™ and Veterans ASCEND announce a multi-year strategic partnership to support our military veterans, their spouses, and families in their transition to the civilian workforce, through skills matching, critical skills development, and peer coaching for even greater long-term success. This partnership aims at making this transition easier and more effective by helping the veterans develop the right kind of skillset required for their new job role, through peer coaching, and aid in finding jobs in high-growth companies that are matched to their skills.

Numly™, Inc. is a leading provider of AI-driven, Peer Coaching SaaS Platform for Hybrid Work teams at Enterprises. Numly’s mission is to improve employee engagement and talent performance through Peer Coaching, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections.

Veterans ASCEND, is an AI-powered Talent Sourcing platform in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Using algorithms, military and civilian occupations are translated into a skills profile that is then instantly matched to employers intentionally looking for skilled military talent. Together, Veterans ASCEND and Numly™ are teaming up to provide critical skills development while creating long-term success for our nation’s military in transition through peer coaching. Through this partnership, military veterans can choose from Numly’s™ content library of free training, upskill and reskill, and connect with a peer coach to assist them along the way.

“We’re excited about the partnership with Veterans Ascend,” says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO of Numly. “Learning and perfecting critical skills is a lifelong journey. Our peer coaching platform enables veterans to build trusted connections that will help them upskill and reskill, and ultimately ease them into the workforce. In a pay-it-forward manner, they can in turn coach new veterans as they start civilian careers. Furthermore, this provides an excellent opportunity for companies to identify and attract talent when they’re actively seeking employment, making it a win-win for everyone involved.”

“Both Veterans Ascend and Numly™ are all about engaging connections,” says Veterans ASCEND CEO Robyn Grable. “Connections to great careers for our military veterans by focusing on skills. Highlighting those skills through our AI-powered talent sourcing technology and intentional hiring process. Learning to promote those skills through the development content and peer coaching in Numly’s™ proprietary platform gives our military veterans an edge to end underemployment and decrease turnover in their first-year post-military career.”

About Numly™
Numly™, Inc. is a leading provider of NumlyEngageTM, an AI-driven, Peer Coaching platform for critical skills. that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for corporate customers, especially in the new normal of WFH / Remote and Hybrid work environments. Numly's mission is to improve employee engagement and performance through Peer Coaching, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections. Learn more about Numly™ at

About Veterans ASCEND
Veterans ASCEND, a veteran-owned, woman-owned company, completely changes the way employers source military talent through an innovative, digital skills matching software as a service. Through a custom translation program, military and civilian occupations are translated into a skills profile. Veterans ASCEND instantly matches employers with qualified candidates. Aligned on skills, location, and salary, we reduce the cost per hire and remove barriers and bias for employers to connect with the right talent quickly and efficiently.

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