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Current job boards, job fairs or even direct hire placement services do not fill the gap on connecting employers and military talent. Military Titles are translated but not the actual skills. Applying online is successful about 5% of the time. And most HR professionals have limited military knowledge.

So we came up with the solution. Veterans ASCEND is an online employment matchmaking service. We translate military and civilian occupations into a skills profile then directly match a veteran or military spouse to an employer, aligning skills, location and salary. Our service is free for all military members and family. We do not use a resume and do not require the candidate to apply first to get an interview.

Employers pay a subscription fee that allows them to create unlimited jobs, review unlimited matches and unlock a specific number of candidates to immediately contact for an interview.

And Because we are not a pay per job service, Veterans ASCEND gives employers the flexibility and mobility to create a pipeline of qualified candidates for when they need them for succession planning, project planning to bid on a contract, growth planning to open a new location without spending thousands on wasted man hours.

No business can afford to lose time and money on recruiting, especially now. That’s why it’s critical to put a strategy in place that will connect employers with the right candidates quickly. Military transition can be difficult and Our military families need to connect with new careers quickly.

Veterans ASCEND makes the connection.


Subscription Pricing

Our monthly subscription model is based on hiring activity. Our annual subscription model is based on company size. Each model includes unlimited job profiles and unlimited matches. Monthly subscriptions unlock a set number of candidates while the annual subscriptions are unlimited candidates. service is completely FREE for all military members and spouses. For employers, our subscription model is based on hiring activity. Monthly or Annual options are available to unlock candidates. Unlimited job profiles, not pay per job. Unlimited match reviews of true candidates not applicants.

Contact us at talent@veteransascend.com

We allow employers to cancel a subscription at any time. We cannot issue a refund though and the subscription will continue until the end of the billing cycle.

Revenue Share Program

With a link on your organization’s website, direct military members, spouses and employers to sign up with Veterans ASCEND. When employers pay their subscription fee, your organization gets 30% of the revenue. Contact us at talent@veteransascend.com for more information.

Advisory Board

Deb Cake Fortin – The Submarine Way

Cindy Gallagher – Liberty Source

Dr. Vivian Greentree – Fiserv.

Tom Luscher – US Navy RADM (ret.)

Staci Redmon – SAMS

Mary Jo (MJ) Sweeney – US Navy  Captain (ret.)


About The Founder

Robyn J. Grable is the creator, Founder and CEO of Veterans ASCEND, President/Owner of Service to Civilian, Inc. and sbHR. US Navy Veteran and Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Psychology. Robyn has over twenty-five years of human resources expertise; which includes workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, government compliance, strategic alignment and relationship management.

Email: robyn@veteransascend.com
Phone: 864-887-5865

Veterans ASCEND

Veterans ASCEND is a Woman-Owned, Veteran-Owned company, connecting employers and military talent. Get connected here.

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