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We are an online employment matchmaking service.

Our algorithm translates occupations into a skills profile. Not a title translator. We dive deeper to create a meaningful list of skills for each occupation that align to skills needed in the civilian workforce.

Veterans ASCEND is the direct connection to an interview.

An innovative new way of connecting, without resumes. We are all about aligning candidates to career opportunities based on skills. No more confusing resumes, misunderstanding qualifications, sitting through job fairs or missing out on connecting with military talent.

We improve the quality of hire, reduce the cost per hire and remove barriers and bias.

We give employers the flexibility and mobility to create a pipeline of qualified candidates expertly matched to job openings. Decreasing time to fill. Increasing productivity and retention.

About the Founder

Robyn J. Grable

Robyn J. Grable is the creator, Founder and CEO of Veterans ASCEND. US Navy Veteran and Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Psychology. Robyn has over twenty-five years of human resources expertise; which includes workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, government compliance, strategic alignment and relationship management. 


Community Partnerships

Community Partners

Help America’s Small Businesses and Veterans be Successful

Corporate social responsibility has an impact. For the corporation, the impact includes 13% more productivity and a reduction in turnover. Join us to create an impact for small businesses and our military candidates. Large organizations get more applicants than they can hire. They also need a better way to source and align talent across the organization. SMBs often lack the resources, time or experience to connect with military talent. Using AI-powered skills matching technology, Veterans ASCEND connects the supply of candidates large organizations don’t hire with SMBs, creating success for America’s small businesses and our veterans and military spouses.

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Veterans ASCEND


The Veterans ASCEND podcast highlights veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs who are making a difference; industry leaders and employers who have not only shown that they understand the need to hire Veterans, but have built programs to support them.

Robyn Grable


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South Carolina Trucking Association partners with Veterans ASCEND

Since 1933, South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA), a non-profit trade association located in Columbia, South Carolina, has served as the voice of the trucking industry in South Carolina. Membership has grown from 17 dues paying members in 1936, to a high point of almost 900 companies by the mid-nineties, to about 600 members today. The partnership with Veterans ASCEND is a value add to SCTA members, connecting them with skilled military talent through an AI-powered talent sourcing platform.


Veterans ASCEND named a finalist for the InnoVision Award in the Small Enterprise category

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                            August 19, 2021                                                                                                                       ANNOUNCING 2021 INNOVISION AWARD FINALISTS The InnoVision Awards Board of Directors is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2021 InnoVision Awards. This year’s finalists include both large and small organizations, representing an array of industries, from the upstate to the coast – a true reflection of South […]


Numly™ Partners With Veterans ASCEND to Launch a Peer Coaching Network to Upskill and Reskill Military Veterans for Jobs

Our peer coaching platform enables veterans to build trusted connections that will help them upskill and reskill, and ultimately ease them into the workforce.”— Madhukar Govindaraju, Founder and CEO of NumlyCUPERTINO , CALIFORNIA , USA,