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We are an AI-Powered Talent Sourcing Platform.

Our algorithm translates occupations into a skills profile. Not a title translator. We dive deeper to create a meaningful list of skills for each occupation that align to skills needed in the civilian workforce.

Veterans ASCEND is the direct connection to a candidate interview.

An innovative new way of connecting, without resumes. We are all about aligning candidates to career opportunities based on skills. No more confusing resumes, misunderstanding qualifications, sitting through job fairs or missing out on connecting with military talent.

We improve the quality of hire, reduce the cost per hire and remove barriers and bias.

Our model is an investment in a talent strategy that is 100% intentional and 100% inclusive of military talent. With unlimited job profiles, employers get flexibility and mobility to create a pipeline of qualified candidates expertly matched on skills. Candidates vs. applicants. Decreasing time to fill. Increasing productivity and improving retention.

Meet the Team

Robyn J. Grable

Robyn J. Grable is the creator, Founder and CEO of Veterans ASCEND. US Navy Veteran and Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Psychology. Robyn has over twenty-five years of human resources expertise; which includes workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, government compliance, strategic alignment and relationship management.


Nila Thompson

Nila is the Chief of Staff for Veterans ASCEND. US Marine Corps Veteran spouse, former Civilian Family Readiness Officer for the Marine Corps and ultimate connector of people. Nila has over fifteen years of military and veteran family advocacy expertise; which includes two tours at Camp Pendleton as a Family Readiness Officer along with numerous nonprofits, advocating for our military veterans, spouses and families.


Christine Peterson

Christine heads up Business Communications for Veterans ASCEND. US Navy Active Duty Military Spouse, trusted liaison between Commands, military personnel and their families. Christine easily establishes rapport with cross cultural sensitivity, in order to tactfully assess immediate and long term needs while maintaining the privacy of the customer with dignity and respect.


Bruce Thompson

A Retired US Marine, who has focused on assisting the Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses with their transition since 2014. He has held senior positions for multiple Non-Profits advocating for our community. He is a Veterati Mentor, Co-Chair of the Community Veterans Engagement Board (CVEB) and volunteers his time with organizations that focus on paying it forward. Bruce’s mentorship in the community has helped many Veterans and Military Spouses build their own success.


Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Helping America’s Small Businesses and Veterans be Successful

Corporate social responsibility has an impact. For the corporation, the impact includes 13% more productivity and a reduction in turnover. Join us to create an impact for small businesses and our military candidates. Large organizations depend on small businesses as suppliers or clients. They need small businesses to succeed.

We partner with large organizations to offer small businesses a special rate to an annual unlimited subscription with Veterans ASCEND. Using our proprietary AI-powered skills matching technology, Veterans ASCEND connects small businesses with the talent they need to grow their organization, creating success for America’s small businesses and our veterans and military spouses.

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Veterans ASCEND


The Veterans ASCEND podcast highlights veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs who are making a difference; industry leaders and employers who have not only shown that they understand the need to hire Veterans, but have built programs to support them.

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