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AI-powered Talent Sourcing.

The Only Way to Source Military Talent.

No resume. No search. No applying first.


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Free for all Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Remove barriers and bias.
Get to true candidates quickly, automatically matched on skills, location and salary.

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Our platform translates occupations into a skills profile, not a title translator.

We dive deeper to create a meaningful list of skills for each occupation that align to skills needed in the civilian workforce.

We are not a pay per job service.

Our subscription model includes unlimited job profiles. Candidates can match to more than one opportunity and employers can see how each candidate fits across their organization.

Veterans ASCEND instantly matches employers with candidates. Aligned on skills, location and salary. We reduce the cost per hire and remove barriers and bias for employers to connect with the right talent quickly and efficiently.

We do the matching for you based on:




We built a custom translation program that translates military and civilian occupations into a skills profile. No resume. No search. No applying first. True candidates matched to the needs of the organization. Unlimited jobs so employers can create a steady pipeline and see how each candidate fits across the organization. With an interview run rate of 90-95% and a per job savings of $2,000+, Veterans ASCEND delivers.

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Subscription Pricing for Employers

Veterans ASCEND is always free for the members of our Military and Veteran Community looking for their next career.

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  • No contract
  • Unlimited job profiles
  • Unlimited matches and a set number of candidates
  • Not pay per job
  • No direct hire fees



  • Unlimited job profiles
  • Unlimited matches
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Rates based on number of employees
  • Subscription is shared with multiple users


Our Partners

Veterans ASCEND is honored to partner with and support these outstanding organizations who are making a difference in our communities. Please join us, learn more and support their missions.

Talent in Motion™ Partners

Community Partnerships

Talent in Motion™

Help America’s Small Businesses and Veterans be Successful

Corporate social responsibility has an exponential impact. For the corporation, the impact includes 13% more productivity and a reduction in turnover. Join us to create an impact for small businesses and our military candidates. Large organizations get more applicants than they can hire. They also need a better way to source and align talent across the organization. SMBs often lack the resources, time or experience to connect with military talent. Using AI-powered skills matching technology, Veterans ASCEND connects the supply of candidates large organizations don’t hire with SMBs, creating success for America’s small businesses and our veterans and military spouses. 

Become a Talent in Motion™ partner and completely change the trajectory for our military service members, veterans and spouses, your organization and local small businesses.

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We Support Your Mission

Our Revenue Share program is designed to give back to organizations who have a focus on assisting and supporting our military community.

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Refer veterans, military family and employers to sign up via your landing page or direct link on your website.


When an employer pays for their subscription – a percentage of the revenue* goes to your organization.

Veterans ASCEND


The Veterans ASCEND podcast highlights veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs who are making a difference; industry leaders and employers who have not only shown that they understand the need to hire Veterans, but have built programs to support them.

Robyn Grable


If you would like to be interviewed or have a suggestion for an interview on The Veterans ASCEND podcast, email us at